Getting Started

Welcome to! If this is your first time here, there’s a lot of content to go through, so instead of having to wander around aimlessly looking for the good stuff, we’ve packaged everything up nice and neat for you to hit the ground running!


First, check out the About page to get an idea of who we are.   That and the Successful SEO Mindset are required reading to make sure that you’re mentally prepared for the road ahead.


Next, read up on the ethics of SEO. You’ll see that we take a very different approach than most other IM gurus. Hopefully your views coincide with ours!


Lastly, make sure to create the environment you need to make a living online. This post addresses the factors you need to take care to greatly improve your chances of success.


After that, here are the gems, separated by category:


Expired Domains

We’ve really streamlined our process for identifying, evaluating, and obtaining high metric expired domains. Basically these domains used to have solid content and a lot of back links, but for some reason the original owner decided to let the domain expire. Fortunately, the links are still active, so if someone registers the domain again and builds a site out of it, those back links will count. We’ve had great success using these expired domains in our private network of sites to help link build money sites for ourselves and our clients.


Competition Analysis

Keyword research is crucial to determining how viable it is to make money from a site on a particular search engine term, and competition is the most important element of keyword research. As they say in the SEO world, all you need to do is outrun the bear…

We hate the fact that all of the other competition analysis tools out there hide their formula. Here we bare it all and show you the exact calculations we perform to judge a keyword’s SERP competition before we decide to move forward on trying to rank for that keyword.


And here’s a glimpse of the keyword tool we’ve developed for internal use as well as for interns:



Partnership Opportunities

We run a monthly internship with a ton of benefits:

  • A structured course on how to develop out an expired domain, implement google+ authorship, do professional keyword research, and link build from a PBN.
  • Use of custom in-house keyword research and content management tools.
  • Links to your own sites from these 2 high DA/PA sites.
  • Access to a program in which you receive links from my personal network in exchange for content.
  • You’ll meet a bunch of skilled and fun peers with whom you can trade ideas, share subscriptions and costs, and work on ventures together.
  • Anyone who completes the internship will be offered a couple other options going forward, depending on where their interests lie.  We4 partner with at least 1 intern in each internship on a new project.  To date we have 8 projects on the go that are 50/50 ventures with interns.

If you’re interested in more details, take a look at & here: